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CEO's Message

A specialist in
the coating industry,

developing and
manufacturing specialty paints

Thank you sincerely for visiting the Zenith Corporation website.

Established in 2011, Zenith Corporation has grown as a specialized enterprise in the coating industry, dedicated to the development and manufacturing of specialty paints required for specific functionalities across various industrial sectors.

Based on our unique and validated technical expertise, products from Zenith Corporation, especially coatings for rice cooker inner pots and frying pans, are recognized both domestically and internationally for their excellent quality in the kitchenware sector.

A trusted partnership
with customers,
A company creating better societal value.

Moreover, we operate a dedicated research division within our corporate-affiliated research institute, continuously striving to provide new products and services to our customers through constant in-house technological development and nurturing technical talent.

Zenith Corporation promises to continuously reinforce our specialized expertise in the coating field, adding transparent business values, ensuring a trusted partnership with our customers, and evolving as a company that can deliver better societal value.