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Business Objectives

Pursuing Advanced Corporate
through Human Respect
and Transparent Management

  • Human Respect

  • Transparent Management

  • Pursuing Advanced Corporate

Pursuing Advanced Corporate Progress through Human Respect and Transparent Management

Human Respect

Just as the foundational ideology of democracy is human respect, the foundational ideology of Zenith begins with respect for humanity.

We value an atmosphere in which every member respects each other's dignity, maintains equal relationships, and takes a proactive
approach to fulfilling their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

The management focuses on stable employment as a foundation, providing education for the future, welfare benefits, and fostering trust
in the company, all of which cultivate a sense of ownership and serve as stepping stones for growth.

Transparent Management

An enterprise's image can deteriorate to its worst state if its operations are perceived as lacking transparency and sincerity.

Therefore, transparent management is the secret for both the company and its employees to survive.

It ensures the company's credibility, sustains a lively managerial system through sound governance, checks and balances,
and serves as the cornerstone to prevent any unethical activities that go beyond the legal and regulatory framework.

In today's rapidly globalizing world, Zenith regards this as an essential management principle.

Pursuing Advanced Corporate Progress

An advanced company is one that leaves a positive impression on others. Firstly, it possesses sustainable growth momentum,
ensuring a solid economic foundation.

Moreover, it boasts a vast talent pool stemming from its employees' high pride and self-esteem, and it's a company where
contributions to society and a high level of public recognition coexist.

We at Zenith will continually reflect on the trends set by leading companies, evaluating our managerial activities against them,
and diligently implementing them one by one.