Zenith shares opportunities for mutual growth.


Introduction to CI & BI


Zenith (頂點)

: The very top point

It represents the will and belief to reach the pinnacle with our customers.
The green color, symbolizing trust and faith, combined with an imperfect
circle signifies that ZENITH's technology culminates in a flawless form.

Pantone P 158-6 U
C 35 M 0 Y 75 K 20

Like a spotlight illuminating a brighter future,
the green emphasizes trust and faith.

Pantone P 179-14 U
C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 85

The deep gray, symbolizing the basic color of the coating technology,
harmonizes with any subject and gives reliability pointing towards the world.



Droplet: Transparency, Fruit(olive) : Harvest, Allive: all + live

It encapsulates the determination to create a world where
both humans and nature can live well together,
using the technology born from transparent and clean business activities.

Pantone DS 291-1 C
C 60 M 0 Y 100 K 10

The bright, hopeful green symbolizes trust and the belief
that everyone can dream of a happier tomorrow.

Pantone DS 323-7 C
C 50 M 75 Y 75 K 5

The brown symbolizes trees, the earth, and humans,
representing coating technology that harmonizes both
humans and the environment.