A specialist in the coating industry,
developing and
manufacturing specialty paints.



allive® COATING

We produce a wide range of high-quality and highly functional paints and can
manufacture and supply products in both small and large quantities according to customer requirements.


Paint Production Process

allive® SERIES

Paint Series

  • allive®

    PEEK coating

    This is a top-of-the-line premium product based on PEEK resin,
    which boasts the best mechanical properties among the current thermoplastic resins.
    This coating solution prides itself on its superior wear resistance and is used
    in products requiring high durability and wear resistance.

    Continuous use temp. : 260℃

    • AP105

      A coating applied as a base coat for high-end kitchenware or shoe molds.
      This product possesses high adhesion to materials and durability.

    • AS105

      A single coat product, its durability is somewhat inferior to a 2-coat application.
      However, it has the advantages of a simplified curing process and being VOC-free.

    • AP105 + aT105

      A 2-coat product, it enhances the advantages of AP105 by adding slipperiness
      and wear resistance. It possesses a sparkling appearance.

    • AP105 + AT115

      A 2-coat product, it further improves the slipperiness
      and wear resistance of AP105,
      giving it a solid appearance

    • AP105 + AT125

      A 2-coat product that has very low gloss and a rough surface on the coating.
      It's exceptionally wear-resistant.

    • AP105 + AT135

      A 2-coat product, it is PFAS free coating. It possess higher slipperiness and glow than AP105 does.



    Industrial Uses

    Molds, Turbochargers, Shaft coatings, Various bearings, Automotive parts, Rollers, Bolts, nuts, etc.

    • Molds

    • Turbochargers

    • Shaft coatings

    • Bolts

    • Nuts

    Kitchen use

    frying pans, inner pots, baking molds, food trays, and kettles

    • frying pan

    • base coat of inner pots

    • kettles

  • allive®


    It is a single-coat paint of the Solvent type composed of PTFE fluororesin, which has excellent non-stick properties, and a binder resin known for its heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
    It is applied to various product coatings in fields that require non-stickiness, corrosion resistance,
    heat resistance, and resistance to chemicals, such as coatings for kitchen interiors and exteriors,
    industrial use like bolts and nuts, and medical blades.

    Continuous use temp. : 260℃

    • BS112

      Color : Metallic Pewter

    • BS322

      Color : Solid Gray

    • BS332

      Color : Solid Black

    It is possible to develop and design a variety of appearances
    according to customer usage requirements.



    Industrial Uses

    Bolts, nuts, iron soleplates

    • Bolts / nuts

    • iron soleplates

    Kitchen use

    interior/exterior of kitchenware

    • interior/exterior of kitchenware

    Medical uses


    • blade

  • allive®


    This product, made up of PTFE resin and binder resin, has excellent adhesion to metals.
    Its non-stick, wear resistance, and high-temperature oil resistance properties are outstanding, making it mainly applied for the interior coating of kitchen appliances.

    Continuous use temp. : 260℃

    • Primer coating series

      For the internal base coating of kitchen appliances,
      this coating product must be applied before the PTFE Top
      coat that provides non-stick properties.

    • cP106

      A water-based type containing PTFE and binder resin.
      It has excellent adhesion to Al materials and fluororesins.

    • cp606

      This contains PTFE and high-functionality binder resin,
      showcasing exceptional adhesion to Al materials and PEEK Base.
      It is mainly applied to high-end products.

    • Top coating series

      Our company has C-series Top coating products
      that are applied over primer coating,
      giving non-stick properties and creating various appearances.

      (Various combinations of coating systems and top coats are
      possible depending on required properties and appearance.)

    • cP106 + cT126

      Top Coat Color : Metallic Gray

    • cP106 + cT176

      Top Coat Color : Metallic Clear

      • cP106 + cT176

      • aP105 + cp106 + ct176

    • cP606 + cT186

      Top Coat Color : Solid Clear

      • cP606 + cT186

      • aP105 + cp606 + ct186

    • Special Coating Series

      A top coating applied to the top layer of
      a multi-layer coating to form a unique pattern.

      (For detailed information about the product, please inquire.)

    • CT616

      Top Coat Color : Clear

    C series


    Kitchen use

    inner pots, frying pans, electric grills, rice cake machine parts

    • frying pans

    • base coat of inner pots

    • electric grills

    • rice cake machine parts

    Industrial uses

    iron soleplates and various parts

    • iron soleplates

    • various parts

  • allive®


    It is a Solvent type product made up of FEP resin,
    which boasts excellent corrosion resistance and non-stick properties,
    and various types of heat-resistant binder resins. It can mainly be applied to die-cast products and kitchen appliances where multiple coatings are applied.

    Continuous use temp. : 200℃

    • EP104

      Color : Metallic Black

    • EP104 + FT-CL007

      Color : Metallic Black

    EP104 is a Solvent type Primer composed of fluororesin and multi-binder
    and is mainly applied to die-casting materials.
    The appropriate Top coating for this is PFA powder paint.

    E series


    It is applied with multiple coatings in kitchen and industrial areas, and it is suitable for product lines
    that require corrosion resistance and non-stick properties.

    Kitchen use



  • allive®


    This powder paint product is based on PFA resin, which has extremely excellent non-stick
    characteristics. It prides itself on its superior chemical resistance and corrosion resistance
    and is used for products that require transparency and a smooth surface.

    Continuous use temp. : 260℃

    • AP105 + GP-AL007
      + FT307 / FT-CL007

      Top Coat Color : Metallic Clear

      • GP-AL007+ FT307 / FT-CL007

      • AP105 + GP-AL007+ FT307 / FT-CL007

    FT307 is a powder coating with various functional materials added to PFA,
    which enhances durability and provides a sparkling appearance.

    F series


    It is used for products that demand transparency and a smooth surface,
    mainly applied to high-end inner pots of rice cookers.

    Kitche use

    inner pots

    • Exterior of inner pots

  • allive®


    It is a product line of water-based coating applied with an excellent corrosion-resistant and non-stick PFA dispersion.Our company possesses a primer paint with excellent corrosion resistance containing various heat-resistant binder resins, and functional Top paint products with effects like infrared radiation and outstanding non-stick properties.

    Continuous use temp. : 260℃

    • Primer coatingseries

    • GP-AL607 +
      FT -CL007

      A functional Primer containing PFA fluororesin, more than two types of binder resins,
      and functional powder, it possesses excellent corrosion resistance.

      Primer Coat Color : Metallic Black

      • GP-AL607

      • GP-AL607 + FT-CL007

    • Top coatingseries

    • GP-AL007 +
      FT-CL007 + GT107

      This inner pot coating contains functional powder in the PFA Dispersion and is coated on the topmost layer of a multi-layer structure, enhancing the functionality of the coating.

      This inner pot coating contains functional powder in the PFA
      Dispersion and is coated on the topmost layer
      of a multi-layer structure, enhancing the functionality of the coating.

      Top Coat Color : Clear

    • GP-AL007 +
      FT-CL007 + GT207

      It forms a transparent bumpy pattern as an inner pot coating by containing functional powder
      in the PFA Dispersion. It's applied on the topmost layer of a multi-layer structure,
      providing a special pattern appearance and functional effects.

      Top Coat Color : Clear

    G series


    Kitchen use

    inner pots

    • exterior of inner pots

  • allive®


    The H series is a solvent paint based on silicone resin. It's mainly suitable for low-temperature curing typed rice cookers and can achieve desired effects by adding functional materials.

    Continuous use temp. : 200℃

    • HP308 + HM308
      + HST308

      This is a functional product with energy-saving and insulation effects, which
      implements a unique pattern for the exterior of traditional pots.

    • HP308 + HST208

      A product with a solid black color and bumpy appearance, it has insulating effects.

    • HST308

      As a general-purpose paint of the H series, it's versatile, ranging from single coat to multi-coat,
      and has a metallic appearance.

    • HST318

      A paint developed in silver color
      as a single coat and it's known for its excellent heat dissipation.

    • HST508

      A copper-colored single coat product, it possesses functionalities
      of heat dissipation, sterilization, and excellent heat conduction improvement.

    H series


    Kitchen use

    exterior of inner pots

    • exterior of inner pots

  • allive®

    Zenith offers various ink products suitable for customer use.

    ※ All our products are curing type inks.

    • BI102

      For solvent type fluorine coating, this PAD ink boasts excellent interlayer adhesion.
      It's suitable for printing on the middle layer of kitchen utensils.

      Color : White

    • BI202

      Composed of special PFA and special solvent, this PAD ink is applicable to both middle and top layers.

      Composed of special PFA and special solvent, this PAD ink is applicable
      to both middle and top layers.
      It's most notable for its superior white representation.
      It's primarily applied to the inner pot of high-end products.

      Color : White

    • HI118

      This PAD ink based on modified silicone resin is applied
      to the exterior of the inner pot and can be used to display the product logo.

      Color : Silver

    • GI107

      Composed of water-based type PFA and pigments,
      it's an engraving ink for inserting water line in molding ovens.

      Color : White